Week 4 - The story of Phantom House

June 27 - 01

The summer nights can get a bit spooky at Camp Save-a-Watt’s Phantom House. Energy vampires are electronics that use power even when they are turned off. They seem to be everywhere in Phantom House! Stay out energy vampires!
Do you recall what we learned last week? We learned about the power of the sun and solar energy!
This week, we’ll learn how we can get rid of energy vampires. Can you locate the gaming goblins and phantoms fans in your home? Take a look at this week’s activities to learn more.



Visit your local library and check out any of these great reads to learn more about electricity!

  • Ghosts Unveiled by Kerrie Hollihan
  • Ghosts at Sea by Lisa Owings
  • Ghosts in Battlefields by Lisa Owings
  • Ghosts in Cemeteries by Lisa Owings
  • Ghosts in Hotels by Lisa Owings
  • Ghosts in Mansions by Lisa Owings
  • Ghosts in Palaces by Lisa Owings
  • Ghosts in Prisons by Lisa Owings
  • Ghosts in the White House by Lisa Owings
  • Creepy Libraries by Troy taylor
  • Ghosts by Orlin Richard
  • Haunted Histories by J.H. Everett
  • Haunted Houses by Adam Stone
  • Haunted Houses by Patricia Netzley
  • Ghost in the House by Daniel Cohen
  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz
  • Spooky America : Four Real Ghost Stories by Lori Haskins Houran
  • We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt by Susan Pearson
  • Whooo’s Haunting the Teeny Tiny Ghost? by Kay Winters

Week 4 Check-in